Euphony Strings offers unique instrumentation

Our group consists of three musicians, including a cellist, a 1st violinist, and a 2nd violinist.  We have the ability to expand our instrumentation to almost any arrangement you could want or need.  We have many other professional musicians that accompany our core group to suit clients’ needs and requirements.  Having a readily accessible pool of other musicians and instrumentation enables Euphony Strings to arrange many special songs for clients and further personalize our services to clients’ desires, tastes, and preferences. We have great flexibility and range and our music repertoire ranges from classical and old standards to Beatles tunes, jazz improv, and more.

 Euphony Strings meets with clients in-person

We meet with our clients at our Allen Park location to discuss, play, and choose musical selections and discuss the event, occasion, and other matters.

Our clients receive complete coverage of their events and occasions

For services and ceremonies like weddings or church and funeral services, we play a half hour prelude before the event or occasion while guests arrive, play for the ceremony, and play afterwards while guests exit.

Euphony Strings has the flexibility to find and arrange music

If we do not have a specific song a client is looking for, we can find and arrange music. We can also play or arrange sheet music clients bring to us.

Euphony Strings can coordinate and accompany other musicians, singers, etc.

Do you have a singer or other artist or musician you want to include in your special event?  Euphony Strings can work with other talents which clients may also have booked for their events or occasions, reworking, arranging, or finding music when necessary.

Euphony Strings is dedicated to making your event or occasion personal and special

If you do not find what you are looking for with Euphony Strings, we will refer you to other musicians, singers, etc. that may better fulfill what you want for your event or occasion. Please email us with any questions you may have.